Jacqueline Novogratz on patient capitalism

Jacqueline Novogratz shares stories of how “patient capital” can bring sustainable jobs, goods, services — and dignity — to the world’s poorest. Filmed jun 2007. from TED.com


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The World is Flat 3.0

MIT / Political Science

By Thomas Friedman

Lecture Description

Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman speaks on the MIT campus to discuss the 2007 update to his bestseller The World is Flat. He also provides a preview of his latest book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded.

Democracy and Disappointment: On the Politics of Resistance

Alain Badiou, in conversation with Simon Critchley
Event Date: Thursday, November 15, 2007
Location: Slought Foundation
Conversations in Theory Series | Organized by Aaron Levy

Slought Foundation, Philadelphia, the Departments of Romance Languages, History, and English, and the Program in Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, are pleased to announce a public conversation between Alain Badiou and Simon Critchley on Thursday, November 15th, 2007 from 7:00-9:00pm. This event, the next installment of the “Conversations in Theory” series, features a 30 minute presentation by Simon Critchley about his recent publication Infinitely Demanding, followed by remarks and public conversation with Alain Badiou on metapolitics and the politics of resistance and dissensus. This event has been organized by Aaron Levy, will be introduced by Román de la Campa, Edwin B. and Lenore R. Williams Professor and Chair of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania, and is sponsored by Verso. Publications by the conversants will be available for sale on the evening of the event.

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Jean-Luc Nancy + Claire Denis. L’Intrus. The Intruder 2007

http://www.egs.edu/ Jean-Luc Nancy, philosopher, author and writer, and Claire Denis, filmmaker and director, discussing and screening L’Intrus, The Intruder, text, book, and script for the movie of the same name. Philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy and filmmaker Claire Denis in a free public open video lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS, Media and Communication Studies department program, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Europe, 2007. Jean Luc Nancy.

The Insurrection to Come, Excerpts

Blockade everything; this should be from now on the first reaction of anyone standing against the present order. In a de-localized economy where companies function thanks to a constant flux of materials and goods, where value derives from connectedness to the network, where the highways are links in the chain of dematerialized production which moves from sub-contractor to sub-contractor and from there to another factory for assembly, to block production means to block traffic circulation…

[This translation is an excerpt from a radical new book that just appeared in France by the Invisible Committee (Comite Invisible). The book discusses the local appropriation of power by the people, the physical blocking of the economy, and the elimination of the police force as practical routes toward insurrection.]

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