Video: Eric Posner and Jack Balkin, “The Politics of Emergency”

On March 2009, Kirkland and Ellis Professor of Law Eric Posner recorded a conversation with Yale’s Jack Balkin on the site on “The Politics of Emergency.” Among the topics covered were: executive power in a time of emergency, whether the president can change reality, secrecy in the Obama administration, and imagining an executive branch 2.0.

I listened to this debate about a week ago. Throughout the Bush Presidency, I heard the political left shouting about the purported ‘heavy handed’ tactics the administration was employing. Now with the Obama administration employing many (and I do mean “MANY”)executive orders in a very short time, I hear many on the right of the political spectrum similarly railing about President Obama’s ‘power grab’ (related specifically to regulating banks and big businesses/the economic crisis). I believe that both sides doth protest too much, usually revealed in the pure partisan-ness of their arguments. Should some day however, a truly overbearing regime rise in America, I have no doubt whatsoever the American people would hesitate to rise up and do what is right to preserve our God given freedoms. Dave Hucker


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